With what to wear open ankle boots

With what to wear open boots

Before replenishing your wardrobe with ankle boots, you should decide whether they fit the available outfits. In addition, ankle boots, despite its popularity, are not all. They are a tall, slinky ankle and caviar-closing shoes. Accordingly, they are able to visually shorten the leg. And since this shoe attracts everyone`s attention with its unusual kind, the legs in it should be slim and well-groomed. Open botilions also show the world the toes of their owners, and therefore require an impeccable pedicure.

With what to wear open ankle boots? First of all, such high shoes do not combine with long skirts. Excellent boots look with short skirts and shorts, as well as with clothes just above the knee. Owners of good figures and slender legs are allowed to wear ankle boots in combination with tight trousers and jeans. As well, the boots look good with trousers-trousers and trousers-riding breeches.

The main question asked by the owner of this fashionable footwear:”Should I wear pantyhose or stockings under open boots?”. There is no single answer to this question. On the one hand, it is ugly, when seams from tights are visible in open cuts for fingers in ankle boots. On the other hand, ankle boots are shoes that are worn in the spring and autumn, when it is still not very warm. In this case, you should consider the very model of shoes. Light, open, made of thongs, mesh and buckles ankle boots uniquely with pantyhose are not worn. They are only worn on a bare foot with a good pedicure. Closed options, designed for cold weather, without pantyhose will look ridiculous. To them tights should be selected in accordance with the style and color of the whole ensemble. In addition, many fashion designers present in their collections a bold combination of ankle boots with colorful bright tight pantyhose.

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