With what to wear red pants

With what to wear red pants

      Red pants have remained fashion favorites for several seasons in a row. Such a detail of clothes, of course, immediately catches your eye and attracts attention. If you have charted such a purchase, decide first with the shape, and then – with the color. To the narrow red pants will come loose things that are worn out – tunics, blouses, as well as cardigans and jackets. On the contrary, trousers of a wide style should be worn with a tight top.

Classic cut red trousers are worn with fitted shirts, jackets and jackets of medium length, loose blouses, tucked into pants. Looks good with this style of fitted coats length to the knees and a sleeve of ¾. Shoes – shoes-shoes or ankle boots with an elegant sharp toe on his heel.

Almost all the colors of red look good with black, gray, sand, beige, golden and emerald colors. By setting the basis for the created image of red pants, you can create many different options for your outfit.

Optimal to choose two additional color combinations, which will be in harmony with each other and with red color. It can be details of neutral white, black, dark blue, beige and brown shades. Decide on which one to make the main, and which – additional. If you wear a beige blouson with a black belt and black shoes from a black beige version with red trousers, you will look stylish and elegant.

To jeans of red color knitted jerseys fit both tight fitting and loose cut, on top of which you can put on a shortened or shortened jacket, vest or leather jacket. With such jeans it is better not to wear sneakers, but sneakers, and even better – elegant feminine sandals or high-heeled shoes, ballet flats.

Do not forget to use accessories to emphasize a stylish image. Supplement it with a belt, handbag, beautiful jewelry.

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