Women’s fragrances that men like

Women`s fragrances that men like

Individual preferences of a particular man are difficult to predict – only by an experimental method can you find out what smells attract a man. But there are several common characteristics of the fragrance that will always attract the attention of the stronger sex.

The feminine fragrance should be exquisite, light and multifaceted, and also keep a thin train as a reminder of the impression produced. Strong sexual charge carries oriental aromas – spicy, musky, a little floral and citrus. Such smells arouse the desire to possess a woman, become a source for erotic fantasies.

Active men like fresh aromas of lemon, orange, bergamot – fiery romantics catch a soul mate in such smells, they like to be next to a woman who shares their hobbies.

Perfume with the predominant note of ylang-ylang, juniper and rosemary have the man to manifest true emotions and emotions, so if your relationship has reached the maximum degree of openness and trust, then such smells are ideal for your couple. Perfume with bright floral compositions can not be attributed to flavors, beloved men, rather, these are individual preferences. Notices of vanilla in the compositions also cause the man to have pleasant associations of home comfort, family hearth, peace and reliability.

But the sweetest scent for a man is the smell of a beloved woman. It is not only the spirits used by the object of male lust (although habit plays a role in this addiction), but also the smell of skin, hair. Men love to smell their fragrance, the fragrance of their perfume on the body of a woman. According to the ancient instinct of possession, such flavors suggest that the beloved belongs only to him.

Aromas to attract men should be warm, unobtrusive and emotional – to too fresh and cool smells the men are not so receptive.

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