You can not postpone giving birth

You can not postpone birth

      In traditional societies, a woman most often marries and gives birth to children immediately after puberty – at 14-16-18 years, depending on the region of residence. However, even in the Middle Ages, in some situations, the need to postpone procreation was recognized. For example, for French peasants, the absence of land from a man or a dowry from a woman could delay the creation of a family for both until the age of 25.

In the modern period, such trends have become even more intense. Only receiving an education with a university account takes 15-16 years. But even after the university, a woman often does not have her own housing and savings. If this is combined with the limited financial resources of her husband, childbearing is postponed.

What is the problem of late delivery? As one of the reasons called the state of health of women. However, it should be borne in mind that the risk of some genetic pathologies, such as Down`s syndrome, increases only after 35 years. Similar situation with fertility. In an average woman with normal health, the chances of getting pregnant are approximately equal in both 24 and 34. For example, according to the study of the American doctor Henry Leridon, the fertility of a woman by 35 years on average decreases by only 7%.

Some of the medical risks of late births occurring after 40 years are partially offset by the more responsible attitude of such mothers to their health. In addition, a significant part of the pathology of the fetus can be identified even before the birth of the child and decide whether you are ready for the birth and education of this offspring. Also, a child of mature parents can often expect more attention. After 30 years of age, children are more likely to be educated consciously and are willing to give them more time without passing on to their grandmothers.

In general, we can conclude that both early and late parenting have their pros and cons. To choose the age of the birth of a child, each woman needs individually. And those who want to postpone motherhood for a period after 30 need to take care of their health carefully, avoid the risk of gynecological diseases, abortions and bad habits – excessive consumption of alcohol and smoking.

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